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A night of snow and snow to the city of nanjing wrapped in \"silver \", january 9,2020 south art school in the snow official\" gong \". Candidates from all over the country gathered in South Art to fight for a common artistic dream. The reporter noted that after the implementation of the new policy of \"improving the admission line of cultural classes \", the content of\" high achiever \"in art students has been greatly improved, and many of them can be admitted to 985 top students. Art test no longer \"easy to test \",\" literature and art double complete\" let art test more gold content.


Outside the Nanyi Academy of Film and Television, Guo, a young man over 1.9 meters tall, is hardly unnoticed. Xiao guo, from jilin, applied for nanyi's performance and director two majors, the appearance of the appearance seems to be born as an actor embryo, and his cultural class results surprised reporters, xiaoguo fifth grade on the first grade,\" now my math is the first grade group, the total score, in the northeast should be admitted to jilin university or northeast normal university.\" Not only high achiever, Xiao Guo also served as monitor in the class. \"Choose to take the art test, parents did not agree at first, and then slowly also understand and support.


In order to take part in the art test, Xiao Guo received several months of classical dance, vocal music, line training,\" tired, dance will pick out a lot of double dance shoes, learning skills when also particularly tired. It started as my hobby and now it's my dream. Because in the class especially like to amuse students happy, Xiao Guo gradually fell in love with the performance. Art colleges and universities, he applied for 10 colleges and universities in one breath, in addition to the south art, chinese opera, national opera, north electricity, chinese biography, drama and many other art students dream of higher education, xiao guo reported the name. \"Choose another career, life seems to be over, I want to feel the state of life. Xiao Guo so summed up his persistent choice of artistic path reasons.


Guo's high achiever is also a candidate from qingdao zhu bo, was asked by the reporter,\" culture class re-learning how,\" zhu is full of confidence,\" that is not worry, I only worry about my professional class.\"


Compared with Zhu, who didn't have to worry about the culture class, Guangdong examinee Xiao Yu is not so calm. On the flight from Shenzhen to Nanjing, Xiao Yu is still listening to English. I'm going to take an English exam as soon as I go back, so I'm going to make preparations for it. Xiao Yu said that with the reform of the art test, the way the art students rushed to the test has also changed, reviewing professional classes during the day, and evening will work overtime to review the culture class. \"Now the art test is particularly demanding on culture classes, so we should also strengthen our culture. Nan Yi is the first stop for Yu students, she said, if there is time, the follow-up will also choose to participate in Chinese opera and other colleges and universities.


Outside the Nanyi Media Institute, several candidates from Xinjiang came together. Candidate Liu students told reporters, I registered for the recording of Nan Yi major,\" I have no professional basis, is usually their own more like this aspect, nothing will do their own reverberation and so on. So I chose a recording major. Xiao Liu prepared a \"catch-up test schedule\" for himself, like the star chart will be their next test schedule in order. \"I'm going to take a test in the play, and it's good to open my eyes!


\"The examiner asked me two questions and asked me to sing a song and come out. Outside the media college, a Shandong examinee just walked out of the examination room, was surrounded by students and parents waiting for the examination. \"The examiner asked me two questions about the post-production of the film, and the solfeggio part I prepared a folk song, sang a song, and the examiner signaled that I could. Can I just say \"yes \"? The teacher is sure to know whether the students are good or not.


According to examinee recall, the interview questions of 2020 south art school examination are very approachable, such as popular short video, self-media, big hot film \"me and my motherland \",\" small person reflects big time\" and so on topic, all involve. At the same time, the accumulation of professional knowledge is also very important, such as the basic noun \"violence aesthetics \",\" long lens \", the role of light and shadow, and so on, will be asked by the examiner.


\"Therefore, the outside world has the mistake, thinks the examination art is good-looking. Not at all. One man said that appearance is on the one hand, relying on more important is strength. \"My talent show is poetry recitation, I spent a lot of time preparing a lyric poem, will listen to music practice to find feelings.


From \"art test take shortcut\" to \"culture and talent\" double spell \"can win, it is not difficult to see that the trend of art test development is becoming more and more benign. Reporter learned from Nan Yi, this year the number of school applicants held equal in previous years, the film and television academy, the media academy and so on are still candidates piled up to apply for the big hot, dance academy dance professional applicants more than 1500, the plan to recruit 24, the recruitment ratio is almost \"one in a hundred \".


And the rising cultural score makes this \"one in a hundred\" more gold content. The Ministry of Education issued the \"Basic requirements for the enrollment of some special types of colleges and universities in 2019\", which puts forward a series of reform requirements for the enrollment of art majors in colleges and universities in 2019, including raising the score line of cultural class admission. Art students should not only have excellent artistic skills, but also have solid cultural knowledge to achieve \"both literary and artistic integrity \". Candidates who are equally good in arts and culture will be more popular in arts examinations and will be more popular in arts colleges.


This reform also makes parents and candidates more rational in their view of the art test. Experts suggest that candidates in choosing the road of art examination, need to fully assess their own conditions, in the choice of professional, in addition to combining their interests and hobbies, as far as possible to choose to pay attention to the market needs of the direction and professional.