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Yuan Longping, father of “hybrid rice, Tu Youyou, discoverer of anti-malarial artemisia, Sun Jiadong, chief architect of the first missile and the first artificial earth satellite in China, and Wang Xiaomo, father of the Chinese early warning machine. Whether you are familiar with the names of the 31 winners of the nation's top science and technology awards, you should know -


The annual National Science and Technology Awards Conference is one of the most important events in science and technology circles in China. Among them, the most attractive, is the award of the highest national science and technology award. The prize represents the highest honor in China's science and technology community, with no more than two winners a year and sometimes vacant, with only 31 scientists winning prizes since its inception in 2000. These include Yuan Longping, the world-renowned father of hybrid rice, Tu Youyou, the discoverer of the anti-malaria drug artemisia, Cheng Kaijia, a pioneer and founder of China's nuclear weapons, and Yu Min, a famous nuclear physicist. They are determined to innovate and seek truth and pragmatism, have made important contributions in their respective fields, and have won the praise of the scientific and technological circles and the whole society. They are outstanding representatives of the scientific and technological circles of our country, which embodies in them the spirit of our scientists loving the motherland, selfless dedication, seeking truth and pragmatism, innovation and pioneering, unity and cooperation.


Wang xiaomo, winner of the national top science and technology award of the year 2012, is known as \"father of chinese early warning aircraft \". \"The most fundamental reason is'I want to take a breath for the country,'\" he said with a hearty smile, referring to the choice of\" AWACS \"as a lifelong career. For our generation, serving the nation is the most important belief in growth.


From research on synthetic oil to rocket propellants and engines to high-energy chemical lasers, academician chang cunhao, winner of the national top science and technology award in 2013, has changed jobs again and again. Some were puzzled, but he was firm:"This is the frontier of national strategic needs and cannot be priced.” The country's needs are my direction.


Academician Sun Jiadong, winner of the State Supreme Science and Technology Award of 2009, is the chief architect of China's first total missile, the first artificial earth satellite and the first return satellite. \"Patriotism, for us astronauts, the performance is to love space, love space will make the space business,\" he said.


Academician Li Zhensheng, winner of the 2006 National Supreme Science and Technology Awards, is a famous geneticist and expert in wheat breeding in China. \"It's the farmers who really rated me,\" he said.


Tu Youyou, who won the National Supreme Science and Technology Awards 2016, has not published a sci thesis, no doctorate, no foreign or academician title. is a \"three noes\" scientist. \"Scientific research is not about winning,\" she said. In 2016, she donated 1 million yuan of the Nobel prize money to Peking University's medical department to set up the \"Tu Youyou Medical Talent Award Fund,\" and 1 million yuan to the Academy of traditional Chinese Medicine to set up an innovation fund to encourage more young people to participate in Chinese medicine research.


Qian Qihu, a professor at the Army University of Engineering and winner of the National Science and Technology Award of the Year 2018, donated all his 8 million yuan bonus and set up a foundation to fund more children of poor families with excellent academic and academic qualities. Talking about the original intention of the donation, Qian Qihu academician told reporters:\" I just grew up with state funding, and now there are many poor students, if they can finish their studies like me, they will make a greater contribution to the country.


As the first scientist in China's medical and health sector, Academician Wu Mengchao, winner of the 2005 National Supreme Science and Technology Awards, has donated all the prizes he received to train scientific and technological personnel and reward health personnel who have made significant contributions. Academician Wu Mengchao offered many opportunities to fund students to study in Europe and the United States, in which he sent Wang Hongyang to the German Academy of Sciences in 1987, and now Wang Hongyang has become an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Not only that, in addition to academician Wang Hongyang, academician Wu Mengchao's students Yang Jiamei, Yang Guangshun, Guo Yajun, Shen Feng and so on, have become famous domestic experts and leading talents in related fields.


In the medical sciences, there are \"one four academicians\" good words. Academician wang zhenyi, who has won the 2010 state top science and technology award, not only greatly improved the complete remission rate and long-term survival rate of patients with acute promyelocytic leukemia in clinic, but also trained chen zhu academician, chen saijuan academician and chen guoqiang academician.


The hybrid rice, invented by academician yuan longping, the top national science and technology awardee of the year 2000, was called \"oriental magic rice\" by western experts, which fundamentally solved the problem of chinese eating and made a great contribution to saving mankind from hunger.


Tu Youyou spent more than 60 years in the practice of traditional Chinese medicine research, led the team to overcome difficulties, the study found artemisinin, to solve the long-standing problem of malaria treatment failure, saving millions of lives around the world, especially in developing countries. Today, artemisinin-based combination therapies are the best malaria treatment recommended by the World Health Organization, a vivid interpretation of the health benefits of traditional Chinese medicine for the world's population.


Looking back on these award-winning scientific people, they are patriotic and dedicated, both moral and talented, the needs of the country is their research direction, they overcome difficulties, pioneering and innovative, they are the most shining \"star\" in the scientific and technological circles of our country, is the meritorious service of the country! The spirit of scientists embodied in them will inspire generations of scientific and technological workers in our country to live up to their time, pass on the relay and advance towards the goal of the world's scientific and technological power. (Reporter, Yuen Yu-fai)